A National Research and Education Network (NREN) is a specialized Internet service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities within a country. The establishment of National Research and Education Networks (RENs) is a global phenomenon for sharing relevant research and education content.

The origins of the Ghanaian Academic and Research Network (GARNET) can be traced back to 1995 when the idea was mooted. It only took a recognized significance in November 2006 at the end of a three-day workshop held by the Association of African Universities (AAU) in Accra to facilitate more effective integration of ICT into higher education’s core mandate of teaching, learning, research, and information management.

Finally, after several years of consultations among the Stakeholders, The Ghanaian Academic and Research Network was incorporated as a legal entity on August 24th 2010.

GARNET is a not for profit organization open to all accredited tertiary institutions in Ghana including research and educational institutions, Libraries and teaching hospitals. It is established for the purpose of promoting research collaboration among researchers and educators locally and internationally.

The Ghanaian Academic and Research Network (GARNET) is the Ghana National Research and Education Network (NREN) recognized by the West African Research Network (WACREN)


The Vision of GARNET is to build and operate a World-Class Network Infrastructure and services to link all the Ghanaian Research and Education community to support teaching, learning and research among all public and private institutions of higher education in Ghana, and by extension, connect its members to the Global Research and Education Network communities.


The mission of the GARNET is to:

  1. Support and help the building of strong and viable Campus/institutional networks.
  2. Build network infrastructure to connect all campus/institutional networks at high speeds to support research, collaborations and sharing of resources.
  3. Aggregate the Internet bandwidth requirements of members of GARNET and negotiating collectively with ISPs for fair institutional pricing.
  4. Have one voice on national policies/issues dealing with ICT.
  5. Foster and participate in the deployment of Regional and Global Research and Education Network for research and collaboration.



The GARNET has a 9 member Board Chaired by a former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Professor Nii Boi Tagoe. Institutional representation on the board include the Ministries of Education and Communications, the Ghana Employers Association, Ghana Academy of Sciences, the Vice Chancellors Ghana (VCG), Council for Independent Universities, the Ghana Employers Association and the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. A governance expert from KPMG and a private IT consultant are also on the board.

The Board was inaugurated on the 23th of August 2019 to oversee the activities of the GARNET for 2 Years. The members of the board include:

  • Professor Clifford Nii Boi Tagoe - Chairman
  • Dr Amoako-Yirenkyi - Member - Representing Public Universities
  • Mrs Mavis Ampah Sintim Misa - Member (IT Consultant)
  • Mrs Joyceline Coleman - Member (Governance Expert, Chartered Accountant)
  • Dr Alex Frimpong - Member (Ghana Employers Association)
  • Jacob Tetteh Akunor - Member Representing the Ministry of Education
  • Mr. Emmanuel Ofori - Member Representing  the Ministry of Communication and Digitalisation
  • Professor Nicholas Nsowah-Nuamah - Member Representing Private Universities
  • Professor Nii Narku Quaynor - Member Representing the Ghana Academy of Sciences




UHAS to Cohost GARNET 2023 Annual General Meeting

The Ghanaian Academic and Research Network (GARNET) is happy to announce its collaboration with the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) to host the fourth Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, June 23, 2023. This event will take place at the Cedi Auditorium, located at UHAS Main Campus in Sokode-Lokoe.

Under the theme “Overcoming the challenges of building digital scholarly infrastructure for the research and education community in Ghana,” this year’s AGM promises to be an exceptional gathering of renowned experts, decision-makers, and seasoned professionals. Participants will engage in insightful conversations, and idea sharing, and explore ways to advance the National Research and Education Network (NREN) agenda in Ghana. The event will be enriched by a technical workshop for selected network engineers from GARNET member institutions, as well as a panel discussion on “The future of tertiary education in Ghana with Open Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

Promoted with the hashtag #GARNET2023, the AGM is expected to attract other participants from the research and education community in Ghana, as well as peers from the West Africa sub-region. The AGM offers a unique platform for learning, networking, and entertainment, ensuring a rewarding experience for all attendees.

Additional information about the event’s schedule and activities can be found at

GARNET is proud to partner with the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) as the host institution for this esteemed gathering. UHAS has continuously demonstrated its commitment to advancing research and education, making it an ideal collaborator for the AGM.


The Ghanaian Academic and Research Network (GARNET) is a collaborative initiative aimed at fostering academic and research excellence in Ghana. Established in 2010, GARNET is the national research and education network (REN) that connects universities, research institutions, and other academic entities across the country. Its primary mission is to facilitate access to advanced technological resources within the academic and research community, to promote information sharing and collaboration, support, teaching, learning, and research, and enhance access to global research and academic resources.

By providing a dedicated network infrastructure, GARNET enables seamless communication and data exchange among its member institutions. This network infrastructure offers high-speed connectivity and robust bandwidth, allowing researchers, students, and academics to collaborate effectively on various projects.

Through partnerships and collaborations with international research and education networks, GARNET enables its members to connect with peers and institutions worldwide. This global connectivity expands the opportunities for Ghanaian researchers to engage in collaborative research, access international journals, and databases, and participate in academic conferences and events.

The Ghanaian Academic and Research Network (GARNET) extends a warm invitation to all accredited tertiary institutions, including research and educational institutions, libraries, museums, and teaching hospitals, to become part of its network. GARNET offers an extensive range of services to its member institutions, including Internet Connectivity, Educational Roaming (Eduroam), Tertiary Mobile Data, Video Conferencing, Technical skills development, and Federated Identity Management Services. GARNET is working on new service offerings in the areas of Online Learning Management, Library Systems, and Institutional Repositories, to further empower its member institutions in advancing their educational and research endeavors, promoting efficient knowledge management, and facilitating the dissemination of scholarly outputs to a broader audience.

By joining GARNET, Ghanaian education, and research institutions can reap numerous benefits. With an impressive membership of 42 institutions, each actively contributing to the network’s growth and success, GARNET offers a wealth of advantages to its members.

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